Cogito Ergo Sum II

What these philosophers are pointing out is that perception is reality.  Your perception is your reality; my perception is my reality.  What is real then?

Reality is three fold.  Reality is what I perceive and what you perceive, but it also is what society agrees to call reality.

I am colorblind.  Blue and green are indistinguishable to me.  I would call those colors blue.  My wife is not colorblind.  She would call some of my blue colors blue and she would call others green.  We are both right.  However, if the majority decide that some colors are blue and some are green; for them, I am considered colorblind.  And to that point, each member of the majority would still have their unique perception of what color is blue.

As a practical matter, I act as if I am colorblind.  I ask my wife if my socks are correctly paired by color.  Still in my perception, and therefore in my reality, they all look the same color.

If there is a real reality, it cannot be known since the only way to know is through perception.  If we can internalize this concept, we increase our effectiveness in dealing with our world and each other greatly.

To be continued.

Some things are just true!

I recently went to the grocerie store to buy some shrimp.  You know how you can pick out the Gulf shrimp which are the freshest that you can get in Florida?  They are shiny and have black streaks in the shell from the oil spilled in the Gulf.

There is no such thing as being a little pregnant.


There is no such thing as little oil spill.

Now, the scientists say that the tar sands oil from Canada cannot leak into the aquifer because oil will not mix with water.  So, in case of a major leak or an amalgum of smaller leaks, we will have a lake of oil sittiing on top of the water in the aquafer.  How do we get to the water in the aquafer without getting oil with the water?  Is anyone asking about the chemicals being used to help the oil flow in the pipeline?

Another argument that the pro pipeline people use is that we already have hundreds of pipelines crisscrossing the U.S.  They are all leaking.  I suggest that a better course of action would be to either start eliminating those pipe lines or force the companis that use them to develop double walled pipes that could eliminae leaks.

Why isn’t anyone taking about the fact that this pipeline runs across geographic fault lines and tornado alley?

Who benefits?  Canada and the Kock brothers who will process the tar sands at the end of the line for sale to foreign countries like China.

Please contact you representative at the state and federal level to share your opinion on this issue.  What do you think?