Presidential Election 2020



Now is the time to nationalize the national election.  I suggest that for this and all future national elections we use mail in ballots.  The expense would be born by the federal government.  If the states want to piggyback onto the mail in ballots they may.

This will eliminate the problem of emergencys affecting the election process whether it be from war or weather or disease.

While we are at it lets make registration mandatory.  You have a social security number you are registered.

In the interem, election day is a national citizen’s day where people are given halfof the day off with pay to vote.


Someone must have told the Trumpster how to use saying” “don’t change horses midstream” in the midst of a war he has created as a political slogan. NEW WAR BEFORE ELECTION INEVITABLE WHETHER THERE IS JUST CAUSE. The Administration is prepping a new “weapons of mass destruction” campaign for the American people.

Profiles in Cowardice


The last war that the United States declared was WWII.  Since that time the U.S. Congress has abrogated it’s power to advise and consent and declare war.

The Congress would rather criticize the Executive branch than do its duty.  Therefore, we are on the brink of yet another undeclared war in Syria with no imput from the people’s representatives who have through variolus artifices given that very important duty described in Article I, Section 8 to the Executive branch.

Decades have passed without this gutless branch doing its work.  The number of lives lost during those years, the money that has been wasted is incredulous; and yet, here we are today bombing a sovereign nation without a declaration of war.

It’s time for Congress to screw it’d courage to the sticking point and either declare war or withdraw all troops.