Alfie Asks

If you follow my blog, you probablly recognize Alfie. She is my wife’s dog, and I am posting this to help her with her “” fund raiser. I hope you will donate to help.

My name is Sharon. I rescued Alfie when he was 3 years old (he’s now ten). Alfie had been re-homed several times before, but has found his forever home with me. He loves agility, rally and hunting lizards.

Each morning he goes for his mile walk to meet all his human and dog friends. He’s like Norm in Cheers; everybody knows his name and greets him on his walk. Unfortunately he can no longer do any of those things.

He jumped down from the grooming table and broke a toe and damaged his ligaments in the wrist. The UF Veterinary hospital says his surgery will cost between three and six thousand dollars and needs to be done asap.

He is in a soft cast now, but the vet says that he won’t heal without the surgery. We need your help.

He is my constant companion and confidant. I cannot imagine my life without him on my walk. His nickname “Lovey four paws” describes him best. His friends miss seeing his ears flapping as he runs to greet them.



I had the yearning the other day for Cheerios. It was a breakfast I prepared for myself as a child everyday. So, I thought; I’m am adult and I have a car I can drive and get me a box of cheerios.

I need to explain that I normally have a brand of granola that I also love but purchase online. That is important because I cannot remember the last time I was down the cereal isle.

When I get to the store, my first choice: Hot or Cold cereal. That’s easy “cold”. I reach the isle labeled cereals/cold and turn to find the cereal isle which use to be as long as my arms could reach now runs the length of the store. I don’t recognize any of the varieties so far and the ones I do recognize also have choices: cinnamon flavored, chocolate flavored, with berries, with bananas, sugar coated, honey coated.

Sudden, there is the Cheerios section with those little dougnuts of oatie goodness. But wait, those are not “O”‘s. They are shaped like hearts and flavored. Finally, all alone on the bottom shelf, at the end of the bottom shelf are the “real” Cheerios.

Clutching my box of Cheerios to my chest I head for the check-out when I get a text from my wife that we need eggs. I head for the isle labeled dairy products (don’t get me started as to why the eggs are in that isle). And there, before me is a half an Isle of eggs. We can have small, medium, large or extra large eggs. We can also have eggs laid by vegetarians, We can have eggs for hens that are cageless. We can have organic eggs. We can have eggs from multiple “egg” farms.

I carefully put my Cheerios down so I can text my wife for a clarifiction.

“I’m in the dairy isle with the eggs. Which eggs do you want?” I ask.

“Really?” she asks with a “what in the hell is wrong with you” tone.

“Small, medium, large, extra large?”

“Large” unless they are too expensive.

“Regular or vegetarian?”

“What is wrong with you?” she asks. “What difference does it make?’

“I don’t want to bring the wrong ones and have to return them.”

“Just get the regular.”

“OK! Caged or cageless?”

“Are you drinking?”

“No, I’m just getting eggs for you.” By the way, “organic or no medications?”

“Just get the cheapest.” she says.

“Then, which brand?” I ask.

“It doesn’t matter”.

“You mean to tell me that we went through all this, and your telling me an egg is just an egg?”

So, I grab a dozen eggs and hit the check-out.

“Self Check-out or regular?”

I look at all the old people asking for help to self check-out and decide to do “regular”.

The young lady rings me up and asks “paper or plastic”?

I say “paper” just to be obstinate.

The screen asks “cash, debit, or credit?”

I threw the cash on the counter, grabbed my eggs and left.

At home, I hand my wife the eggs and she asks, “Where are the Cheerios?”

I walk to the kitchen snarling “I chose to have a beer instead”.

I’m Back

Sorry, I have been focusing on defeating Donald Trump and Republicans down ballot. It turns out that was not the war, but only the skirmish as Trump with the support of the Republican party is now continuing with an insurrection that started on January 6, 2021 with the big lie that the election was stolen. Nearly half the country, thanks to the duplicity of the Republican party and right wing media believes the lie and so the insurrection continues.

I will continue the battle, but I need sancturary so my blog will focus other than politics. I will continue to address political issues on FaceBook.

See you tomorow.

The Right To Not Wear A Mask.

Yes, you do have the right to not wear a mask. You have that right as long as you are not around other people. Your right to wear a mask is limited by my right to not be exposed to Covid-19.

You have the right to shoot a pistol as long as you don’t shoot it at me. If you don’t wear a mask, you could be shooting the virus at me. Your right to not mask is limited by my right to not be exposed to a deadly virus.

For those of a religious leaning, the adage do unto others as you would have them do unto you applies to this situation. If you would not want a person with Covid-19 to breathe on you, then don’t breath on them.

Wearing a mask is not just about your freedoms or rights. It is about your fellow citizens right to not be exposed to a deadly virus also.

Your do have a right or freedom to not wear a mask.


Some of you labor under the incorrect impression that a mask wearing law could not be enforced. It would be really easy to enforce. Any business or organization that serves or does business with a mask wearer will be fined $1000 per person or having his business closed for one week for every violation. Cities, counties, and states could give bounties to people who turn in businesses that do not enforec mask laws.

If a consideration of others is not motivation for you to wear a mask in social situations, think about returning to normal. The shortest way to normal is through wearing a mask and social distancing. Once the virus is under control, we and businesses can return to normal.

If you would like to be able to celebrate the holidays next year with your family, wear a mask.

If you would like to have your children return to school, wear a mask.

If you would like to take you spouse or special other out for drinks, dinner, and a movie, wear a mask.



Before we can safely return to even a new normal, we must control the Covid virus.

That will allow small businesses to reopen.

That will allow all workers to return to work.

That will affect the lives of our colored population as they suffer twice the infections of whites.

That will lessen the deaths of our elderly who drive our economy.

That will enable children to return to school safely without infecting their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts or uncles.

How do we accomplish this? We know what works – masks, social distancing and hand washing hygene.

How do we get our diverse and fractured society to do this?

  1. Make going without a mask a social taboo with constant public service announcements as was done with smoking.
  2. If we don’t bring down the number of new cases in our city, county or state, then we must close down non-essential businesses. It we must close down businesses, then we must provide aid to businesses and workers to get them through to the time that the new cases are reduced to an acceptable level. Once cases reach an acceptable level businesses can gradually reopen. These closings should be done by city, county or state as some will have outbreaks and some will not.
  3. Make masks, thermometers, oximeters and tests free and instruct how to use them. Evidently, from what I see, it is not that clear that the masks must cover the nose and mouth not just hang around the neck.
  4. Educate, educate, educate! Tell how to monitor for symptoms that is first temperature, then oxygen levels, and blood pressure. Be clear when the symptoms warrant a visit to the doctor.
  5. The sooner we are controlling the virus the sooner we can return to the new normal. What will the new normal look like? I suspect that we will continue to monitor our selves and our families so that we can deal with returning outbreaks.

It is up to us. You can tell who is serious about getting kids back to school and businesses reopened by the presence of a mask worn properly on their face and maintaing social distancing.


What’s the Final Day for Vote Counting? Or When is This Election Over?

December 14, 2020 is that date. The states have up to that date to finish counting and certify the results of the election.

Don’t expect or be upset if the decision on who is President is not made before December 14, 2020.

The fifty states have until December 14th to certify the results of that election in their state.

I know we have become used to having this media group or that media group announcing the results in real time. This is no longer “real time”.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, the post office has been decimated, those who know better are floating the idea that there is a huge amount of election fraud. One party is hell bent on disenfrachising the young, the black, the poor and the brown voters. The President is calling vigilantees to “watch” the polls when they are already being watched by official Republican and Democratic watchers.

Therefore, don’t panic. We will get the votes counted by December 14th. We will have a President to be inaugurated Presidency on January 20th, 2021.

Remember that according to the Constitution, December 14, 2020 is when the counting will stop.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

TTPhoto by Naveen Annam on

If Trump doesn’t win the election, he will resign so that Pence can pardon him of any and all crimes committed during Trump’s Presidency. No doubt AG Barr will try to find some way to extend the pardon power to crimes committed before he was president and afterwards.