Do You Love Your Parents?

If you do, you should know that after 197 thousand deaths to Covid-19; Donald Trump and the Republicans finally have a plan?

Yes! It is called herd immunity. They would continue to do nothing until there have been enough cases of Covid-19 to reach “herd immunity”. By the time we have reached that herd immunity number, 3 million of our citizens most in danger from Covid-19 will have died.

Who is most in danger? People with pre-existing conditions like your parents, people with diabetes, people with heart conditions and obesity are most in danger. That’s right our parents and grandparents.

Please wear a mask and social distance for your parents and loved ones!

Please wear your masks and social distance, not for yourself, but for those you love.

Are Our Senators That Stupid?

Or are they just so old as to forget that when dealing with small children they must be specific.

The Post Master needs to promise “I will return the post office and the employees to the EXACT status they were before I took this position.”

Parents know that all children starting at the age of three become shister attorneys with their words and promises.

Stop messing with the post office. If they continue charge them all with the felonies they are committing.

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