To Impeach or Not?

In 1923 a charismatic leader along with his associates attempted a Coup.  It was called the Beer Hall Putsch. It failed.  He was tried for treason, found guilty and sentenced to five years in jail.  

He served only nine months.  In those nine months he wrote a book, Mein Kampf.  Upon release he enlarged and built the Nazi party to begin the “Third Reich”.

The second impeachment trial of Donald John Trump and its outcome is unimportant because it fails to realize the real danger.

That danger is Trump’s supporters within the government by insurrectionist senators and house members whose sole goal was and is to seize and control power. 

Outside of the government the followers of Trump’s propaganda continue to follow him and try to take power by any means necessary.

Let’s be clear.  The real danger is not Trump, but the person his followers will next to choose to follow.  The person will be the one who can convince the Trumpsters that they understand their victim status, and that they alone can bring about the change that Trump promised but failed to deliver.

The Reason for the Season

The Winter Solstice, the day when the daylight hours start increasing, has been celebrated and honored since man first noticed the seasons. Civilizations have celebrated the winter solstice through religious services including the late coming Christian religion.

So, let us all celebrate the Solstice of increasing daylight hours. Winter is being pushed back and Spring is coming.

Not a War on Christmas!

More correctly, this is the time of year that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also the time, long before the birth of Jesus, that religions have celebrated the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the time of year when the hours of daylight begin to increase. When the hours of daylight are the longest which would be the summer solstice.

Jesus is not the reason for the season. He is just one of the religious leaders and religions that have celebrated the “returning of the sun”. The winter solstice does not belong to any religion. It is not anyone’s season.

Do I tell people that I know are Christians “Merry Christmas”? Of course I do. If I don’t know a person’s religion I am likely to wish them “Happy Holidays”. Or if it is between Christmas and New Year’s I may shorten the greeting to “Happy Holidays”. This does not mean that I am declaring war on Christmas; it simply means that I am being respectful of other’s beliefs.

I am sure the signage is not intended to be disrespectful of other’s beliefs, but it is. It is claiming that only Christians may claim the winter solstice.

To the person who displalys this sign I wish you a “Merry Christmas”. To those of you whom I do not know, “Happy Holidays”.


President Elect Biden:

We certainly understand your desire to seek compromise with the Republicans to move the country forward.

We humbly suggest that you consider President Obama’s attempt at unity as Senator Mitch McConnell vowed that no Democratic legislation would be passed and the goal was to make Obama a one term President.  He failed at the second but did hold up Democratic legislation and appointments to the federal bench.

As Dr. Phil, and most psychologist, say in almost every show, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”  I strongly suggest you don’t spend your political capital on compromise with the Republicans for more than a month.  Think of all that the Obama/Biden administration could have achieved in the first two years if they hadn’t been wasted trying to work with the Senate.

I hate to have to tell you this, but McConnell’s obstruction is not about race; it’s about money and power.  You and the Democrats are in for a battle royal.  So, “…screw your courage to the sticking place, and we will not fail.”

With this warning I wish you great success and promise you my support.


J. R. Foos

Where, Oh Where, Are You Corporate America?

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The deaths toll tens of thousands. Other than the investor class, the economy is in a shambles with small businesses on their last legs. Unemployed, people cannot pay their rent, make mortgage payments, put food on the table. Unemployment compensation is disappearing. And Yet!

You, corporate America, have done nothing to sway President Trump or the Republicans to save the working class and small businesses. I have a question for you.


In the past you could rely on world markets when the economy slowed. This is a global pandemic. You have nowhere else to go.

To grow the economy we need to solve the Covid-19 crisis. What have you done to force President Trump and the Republicans to save your consumer’s lives?

To grow the economy we need small businesses and their employees. What have you done to force Trump and the Republicans to help small businesses and their workers survive to rebuild an economy on the other side of this virus?

I realize that you do not have any interest other than profit, but if you do not force President Trump and the Republicans to immediately come up with and pass a package like the “Heros” package; there will be no profit for a long time.

As for the investor class they will continue to inflate and deflate stock prices until, with the country in a shambles, someone looks behind the cortain and sees that the market is based only on smoke and mirrors. There will not be a black Friday; there will be a black year.

It is not too late for you to step up. Politicians cannot suvive without your donations; with even a hint of donations drying up Mitch and the Republicans will move, not to save the country, but to save their own fortunes.


The Right To Not Wear A Mask.

Yes, you do have the right to not wear a mask. You have that right as long as you are not around other people. Your right to wear a mask is limited by my right to not be exposed to Covid-19.

You have the right to shoot a pistol as long as you don’t shoot it at me. If you don’t wear a mask, you could be shooting the virus at me. Your right to not mask is limited by my right to not be exposed to a deadly virus.

For those of a religious leaning, the adage do unto others as you would have them do unto you applies to this situation. If you would not want a person with Covid-19 to breathe on you, then don’t breath on them.

Wearing a mask is not just about your freedoms or rights. It is about your fellow citizens right to not be exposed to a deadly virus also.

Your do have a right or freedom to not wear a mask.


Some of you labor under the incorrect impression that a mask wearing law could not be enforced. It would be really easy to enforce. Any business or organization that serves or does business with a mask wearer will be fined $1000 per person or having his business closed for one week for every violation. Cities, counties, and states could give bounties to people who turn in businesses that do not enforec mask laws.

If a consideration of others is not motivation for you to wear a mask in social situations, think about returning to normal. The shortest way to normal is through wearing a mask and social distancing. Once the virus is under control, we and businesses can return to normal.

If you would like to be able to celebrate the holidays next year with your family, wear a mask.

If you would like to have your children return to school, wear a mask.

If you would like to take you spouse or special other out for drinks, dinner, and a movie, wear a mask.



My Latin teacher’s (yes, I am that old or wise) favorite saying was that you cannot see the trees for the forest or the forest for the trees.

My Democratic and Republican friends need to stop focusing on Trump’s actions as being related to the election.  His and Republican allies actions are not about policy foreign or domestic.  What is their motivation to not recognize the election of President elect Biden?  What is their motivation to not address Covid-19?  What is their motivation to turn their backs on the workers who need help getting through this crisis?  What is their motivation to not give a second stimulus package?

Steve Bannon, Senator Ted Cruz and the right have both said that their purpose was to limit and destroy the power of the federal government.  What has gone on during the Trump presidency has been devoted to this end.  Whether it was the failure of Republicans to vote President trump guilty of the crime of obstruction of justice in his impeachment, their failure to recognize and address Covid-19, ending treaties, and retreating from the climate accords; THE GOAL HAS BEEN TO LIMIT AND ULTIMATELY END/OR DESTROY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Why?  How about a new government in which Republicans can win elections?  How about turning the country to an oligarchy?  But more likely the base motive is greed.  They like the Russian model of government; especially if they get to be the oligarchs.

It is time to look at the trees and forests.


Before we can safely return to even a new normal, we must control the Covid virus.

That will allow small businesses to reopen.

That will allow all workers to return to work.

That will affect the lives of our colored population as they suffer twice the infections of whites.

That will lessen the deaths of our elderly who drive our economy.

That will enable children to return to school safely without infecting their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts or uncles.

How do we accomplish this? We know what works – masks, social distancing and hand washing hygene.

How do we get our diverse and fractured society to do this?

  1. Make going without a mask a social taboo with constant public service announcements as was done with smoking.
  2. If we don’t bring down the number of new cases in our city, county or state, then we must close down non-essential businesses. It we must close down businesses, then we must provide aid to businesses and workers to get them through to the time that the new cases are reduced to an acceptable level. Once cases reach an acceptable level businesses can gradually reopen. These closings should be done by city, county or state as some will have outbreaks and some will not.
  3. Make masks, thermometers, oximeters and tests free and instruct how to use them. Evidently, from what I see, it is not that clear that the masks must cover the nose and mouth not just hang around the neck.
  4. Educate, educate, educate! Tell how to monitor for symptoms that is first temperature, then oxygen levels, and blood pressure. Be clear when the symptoms warrant a visit to the doctor.
  5. The sooner we are controlling the virus the sooner we can return to the new normal. What will the new normal look like? I suspect that we will continue to monitor our selves and our families so that we can deal with returning outbreaks.

It is up to us. You can tell who is serious about getting kids back to school and businesses reopened by the presence of a mask worn properly on their face and maintaing social distancing.