Alfie Asks

If you follow my blog, you probablly recognize Alfie. She is my wife’s dog, and I am posting this to help her with her “” fund raiser. I hope you will donate to help.

My name is Sharon. I rescued Alfie when he was 3 years old (he’s now ten). Alfie had been re-homed several times before, but has found his forever home with me. He loves agility, rally and hunting lizards.

Each morning he goes for his mile walk to meet all his human and dog friends. He’s like Norm in Cheers; everybody knows his name and greets him on his walk. Unfortunately he can no longer do any of those things.

He jumped down from the grooming table and broke a toe and damaged his ligaments in the wrist. The UF Veterinary hospital says his surgery will cost between three and six thousand dollars and needs to be done asap.

He is in a soft cast now, but the vet says that he won’t heal without the surgery. We need your help.

He is my constant companion and confidant. I cannot imagine my life without him on my walk. His nickname “Lovey four paws” describes him best. His friends miss seeing his ears flapping as he runs to greet them.



I had the yearning the other day for Cheerios. It was a breakfast I prepared for myself as a child everyday. So, I thought; I’m am adult and I have a car I can drive and get me a box of cheerios.

I need to explain that I normally have a brand of granola that I also love but purchase online. That is important because I cannot remember the last time I was down the cereal isle.

When I get to the store, my first choice: Hot or Cold cereal. That’s easy “cold”. I reach the isle labeled cereals/cold and turn to find the cereal isle which use to be as long as my arms could reach now runs the length of the store. I don’t recognize any of the varieties so far and the ones I do recognize also have choices: cinnamon flavored, chocolate flavored, with berries, with bananas, sugar coated, honey coated.

Sudden, there is the Cheerios section with those little dougnuts of oatie goodness. But wait, those are not “O”‘s. They are shaped like hearts and flavored. Finally, all alone on the bottom shelf, at the end of the bottom shelf are the “real” Cheerios.

Clutching my box of Cheerios to my chest I head for the check-out when I get a text from my wife that we need eggs. I head for the isle labeled dairy products (don’t get me started as to why the eggs are in that isle). And there, before me is a half an Isle of eggs. We can have small, medium, large or extra large eggs. We can also have eggs laid by vegetarians, We can have eggs for hens that are cageless. We can have organic eggs. We can have eggs from multiple “egg” farms.

I carefully put my Cheerios down so I can text my wife for a clarifiction.

“I’m in the dairy isle with the eggs. Which eggs do you want?” I ask.

“Really?” she asks with a “what in the hell is wrong with you” tone.

“Small, medium, large, extra large?”

“Large” unless they are too expensive.

“Regular or vegetarian?”

“What is wrong with you?” she asks. “What difference does it make?’

“I don’t want to bring the wrong ones and have to return them.”

“Just get the regular.”

“OK! Caged or cageless?”

“Are you drinking?”

“No, I’m just getting eggs for you.” By the way, “organic or no medications?”

“Just get the cheapest.” she says.

“Then, which brand?” I ask.

“It doesn’t matter”.

“You mean to tell me that we went through all this, and your telling me an egg is just an egg?”

So, I grab a dozen eggs and hit the check-out.

“Self Check-out or regular?”

I look at all the old people asking for help to self check-out and decide to do “regular”.

The young lady rings me up and asks “paper or plastic”?

I say “paper” just to be obstinate.

The screen asks “cash, debit, or credit?”

I threw the cash on the counter, grabbed my eggs and left.

At home, I hand my wife the eggs and she asks, “Where are the Cheerios?”

I walk to the kitchen snarling “I chose to have a beer instead”.

I’m Back

Sorry, I have been focusing on defeating Donald Trump and Republicans down ballot. It turns out that was not the war, but only the skirmish as Trump with the support of the Republican party is now continuing with an insurrection that started on January 6, 2021 with the big lie that the election was stolen. Nearly half the country, thanks to the duplicity of the Republican party and right wing media believes the lie and so the insurrection continues.

I will continue the battle, but I need sancturary so my blog will focus other than politics. I will continue to address political issues on FaceBook.

See you tomorow.

Education & Covid-19

What did we learn?

That parents view teachers primarily as baby sitters?

That getting the kids out of the house and back to work is more important than the health of students or teachers?

That local or state control of education doesn’t work?

That remote learning is not equal to person to person learning?

That remote learning is not available to lower income families and rural areas?

That teachers are non-essential workers?

That educational equality is available based upon income, race and geographical location?

To Impeach or Not?

In 1923 a charismatic leader along with his associates attempted a Coup.  It was called the Beer Hall Putsch. It failed.  He was tried for treason, found guilty and sentenced to five years in jail.  

He served only nine months.  In those nine months he wrote a book, Mein Kampf.  Upon release he enlarged and built the Nazi party to begin the “Third Reich”.

The second impeachment trial of Donald John Trump and its outcome is unimportant because it fails to realize the real danger.

That danger is Trump’s supporters within the government by insurrectionist senators and house members whose sole goal was and is to seize and control power. 

Outside of the government the followers of Trump’s propaganda continue to follow him and try to take power by any means necessary.

Let’s be clear.  The real danger is not Trump, but the person his followers will next to choose to follow.  The person will be the one who can convince the Trumpsters that they understand their victim status, and that they alone can bring about the change that Trump promised but failed to deliver.

The Reason for the Season

The Winter Solstice, the day when the daylight hours start increasing, has been celebrated and honored since man first noticed the seasons. Civilizations have celebrated the winter solstice through religious services including the late coming Christian religion.

So, let us all celebrate the Solstice of increasing daylight hours. Winter is being pushed back and Spring is coming.

Not a War on Christmas!

More correctly, this is the time of year that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also the time, long before the birth of Jesus, that religions have celebrated the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the time of year when the hours of daylight begin to increase. When the hours of daylight are the longest which would be the summer solstice.

Jesus is not the reason for the season. He is just one of the religious leaders and religions that have celebrated the “returning of the sun”. The winter solstice does not belong to any religion. It is not anyone’s season.

Do I tell people that I know are Christians “Merry Christmas”? Of course I do. If I don’t know a person’s religion I am likely to wish them “Happy Holidays”. Or if it is between Christmas and New Year’s I may shorten the greeting to “Happy Holidays”. This does not mean that I am declaring war on Christmas; it simply means that I am being respectful of other’s beliefs.

I am sure the signage is not intended to be disrespectful of other’s beliefs, but it is. It is claiming that only Christians may claim the winter solstice.

To the person who displalys this sign I wish you a “Merry Christmas”. To those of you whom I do not know, “Happy Holidays”.