In The Wild Blue Yonder

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It has been probably several years since my spouse and i have flown.  And, how things have changed.


Really, in this war against terrorism, they have won.  I would like to see how many terrorist plots have been avoided by my taking off my sandals, or my limitation on shampoo, or bottles of water.  We have become a nation of chickens believeing we can live in a bubble. 

Why do we go to these extremes to prevent foreign terrorism, and then do nothing about domestic terrorism.  We cannot even get the government to pass a law for background checks.  

I theorize that the answer is money.  The TSA and its arsenal of electronic devices has to be one of the biggest government/civilian industrial complexes.  Contractors must be making a mint.

We don’t have background checks because of the gun manufacturer’s lobbies.  Only a small percentage of gun owners oppose background checks.  Who is making money and who is getting bribbed? 


Our plane was dirty and smelled of old urine.  I hope this was an unusual situation but I suspect that it wasn’t.

Since it has been awhile since we flew, we went to the airline site to see what thier baggage policy was.  Acording to their site our old carry ons were too large.  So, we packed into a back pack.  Of course as we boarded we saw people using carry-ons larger than our old one.  Even the sign about carry-ons was different from the website.

As we were traveling for an extended stay, we had a lot to take with us.  Should we pay extra for a second checked bag?  We boxed our stuff and sent it UPS.  Guaranteed delivery and no lost luggage or going through the baggage claim rush.

Stewardesses were as pleasant as underpaid Walmart cash register clerks.

Good Stuff?

We arrived at our destination in the shortest period of time and almost on schedule. Would I fly again?  Only if it couldn’t be avoided.

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