President Elect Biden:

We certainly understand your desire to seek compromise with the Republicans to move the country forward.

We humbly suggest that you consider President Obama’s attempt at unity as Senator Mitch McConnell vowed that no Democratic legislation would be passed and the goal was to make Obama a one term President.  He failed at the second but did hold up Democratic legislation and appointments to the federal bench.

As Dr. Phil, and most psychologist, say in almost every show, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”  I strongly suggest you don’t spend your political capital on compromise with the Republicans for more than a month.  Think of all that the Obama/Biden administration could have achieved in the first two years if they hadn’t been wasted trying to work with the Senate.

I hate to have to tell you this, but McConnell’s obstruction is not about race; it’s about money and power.  You and the Democrats are in for a battle royal.  So, “…screw your courage to the sticking place, and we will not fail.”

With this warning I wish you great success and promise you my support.


J. R. Foos


First, remember that Trump says stuff cause it gets attention.

Second, Neither Trump nor the Republican party gives a fig about your children, you, your parents or your child’s teacher.

Third, Neither Trump nor the Republican party has a plan to open schools safely.

Fourth, Neither Trump nor the Republican party is willing to increase spending to open schools safely.

Fifth, every country that has been able to open schools safely has done so after Covid-19 was under control.

FINALLY, when they say they have a plan to open schools savely; remember that it has been three years and the Republicans still have not come up with a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.



NOW, that the President has declared a victory over Covid-19 and is dismantling the Covid-19 Task Force led by the Vice President, can the Senate led by Mitch Mconnel try him on his impeachable offences, find him guilty and remove him from office?

It would be too late for the 100s of thousands of our citizens who will have lost their lives because this President refused to recognize the danger and do his duty for his citizens.  That would be for the citizens other than his friends, grifters and money makers.

This is on you Mitch and your Republican cronies have stood by and watched while Nero fiddled and Rome burnt.  You, Mitch are the modern Nero.